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Vol 1 No 001 (2019): Amoud University Academic Journal (AUAJ)

Welcome to the Amoud University Academic Journal (AUAJ). The AUAJ is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary, open access international journal in English, publishing original and high-quality research articles, review articles, short communications, and case studies on domestic and international issues from a wide range of academicians, covering a wide range of topics on different areas which impact national and global scientific research scholars. With our every journal issue, we intend to give a highly readable and valuable addition to the literature which will serve as an indispensable reference tool for many years. We welcome academics, scholars, students, reflective practitioners, and those seeking an update on current experiences and prospects with contemporary society, but more so on Somaliland/Somalia and its position in the global village, to constantly interact with us through this forum.

I thank, most sincerely, those authors who have chosen the AUAJ as their mouthpiece. I also thank the editors, managerial team, and all supporting staff at AUAJ for their efforts to ensure the uninterrupted production of high-quality articles at each publication point. We rely on, and shall continue to rely on your honesty, integrity, strength and ability to place and maintain AUAJ among the very best. On our part, we shall remain committed to our mission to disseminate original academic knowledge across the scientific realms and to avail the same to stakeholders efficiently and cost-effectively.  We shall publish pertinent information with minimal delay from the time of submission professionally and ethically.

Published: 2019-11-02


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